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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station. this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now, at 11:00, major develops in the general david petraus scandal. tonight, we know why. >> two high-profile murders within two weeks. now, a teenager from maryland is tied to boet of them. >> and black friday is starting earlier than ever, as retailers try to jump start holiday sales. but not everyone is happy about it. >> a low profile of news of her affair. tonight, she's been spotted here in d.c. >> jim rosenfield joins us live in mt. pleasant with the details. >> reporter: the woman at the center of this scandal, right here in northwest d.c. video has emerged that paula broadwell, inside her brother's home just down the block here, riding out the storm that widens by the day. >>> a man who appeared to be paula broadwell's brother emerged from the rear of the stately home tonight but said nothing. broadwell hasn't spoken publicly since word of her affair with c.i.a. director procmpb prompte resign last week. allen's name, now also linked to tampa socialite jill kelly, the woman w
go to nbc and search express lanes. >> chilly out there again tonight. doug, middle of november right? >> middle of november. temperatures continue to be below average. this is more like what you would expect in the early portion of december or mid december. 45 now in washington. 38 in hagerstown. already, 24 in elkins, west virginia. that shows you how cold the air mass has been. something we are looking at. cloud moved out of the region. now looking at clear skies. that is going to allow for cooler numbers tonight and should allow for some good shower watching. we'll talk about that coming uppen justup in just a minute. >> long time teacher at a local private school will spend the weekend in jail. he has been accused of sexually abusing students more than 40 years ago. tonight we have learned since police began their investigation a year ago, three more women have come forward. fairfax county police say a woman scla woman claims to have been molested by her school teacher 40 years ago. he is now 73. and was arrested to day. >> they are still -- working several othe
>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 11. >>> right now at 11:00, a disturbing crime. police make an arrest after an elderly blind woman is attacked in her home. >>> a thief that stole thousands of dollars has unraveled thanks to an uncover sting. >>> digging out. part s of the northeast are digging out. is the worst of it over now? >>> we begin tonight with a developing story out of dulles airport. a disruptive passenger forced a pilot to declare an emergency just before that plane landed at dulles. it happened on united flight 662 which took off from denver, colorado. the plane landed safely about two hours ago. according to wtop radio, witnesses say the passenger was yelling and playing in the aisle. airport officials say medical staff took him in for evaluation. he's now at a hospital. >>> also tonight, an 18-year-old is in custody accused of beating an elderly blind woman. the victim's daughter and neighbors are reacting to the robbery that's rattled their upscale neighborhood. darcy spencer joins us from northwest d.c. >> reporter: i
on monday. reporting live from northwest washington, darcie spencer news 4. >> we're seeing the video that led to the suspension of two prince georges county police officers. the video was put on youtube. the video shows two african-american officers pulling over a black driver and using derogatory language toward the driver. the police chief at the head of the officer's union both called the video inappropriate. youtube took the video down at the request of police. both officers are on administrative leave. a hearing will be held next week to determine their fate. violence rages on tonight in the middle east. after rocket attacks larged at jerusalem and tell arrive. israel attacked the headquarters at hamas' prime minister. israel carried out at least 300 air strikes a day on a variety of targets. more than 160 rockets also came flying in to israel from gaza. many are being intercepted by israel's elaborate anti-defense system. israeli officials say so far three israeli civilians have been killed with at least 50 injured. in gaza, at least 48 people have been killed since the violenc
to end donations for sandy's victims tonight. this is first baptist church for the city of washington. they held a prayer vigil and had a special offering for the victims, volunteers and first responders. stay with news 4 and nbc for the latest on hurricane sandy's impact. to help storm victims, you can go to red can you call 1-800-help-now or text the word red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. >>> two women attacked in the district in less than two weeks and one of those attacks happened in a college dorm room. tonight students we talked to want to know how the suspect got in. plus, puppets all over the national mall today. the mess >>> at this hour, there are still some streets in the heart of downtown bethesda shut down because of a water main break. arlington road between old georgetown road and edge more lane is blocked for repairs. a ten inch main broke this morning. eight homes were affected. officials say they expect to reopen the road sometime tomorrow morning. police say they have the man responsible for attacking two women in the district last
. >> announcer: and now, from washington's lding news station, this is news4 at 11. >>> right now at 11:00, other devastation for miles, even the basics are hard to come by three days after hurricane sandy roared ashore. >>> a dramatic takedown. a virginia man wanted for a spring of pipe bombings found thousands of miles from the crime scene. >> he's a sociopath that needs help. >>> only on news4, a woman stabbed more than 25 times sends a warning to her attacker. >>> fatigue and frustration are growing tonight as the cleanup continues after hurricane sandy. >> the death toll stands at 90 now with millionses of people still in the dark. jay gray has more from toms river, new jersey. >> reporter: troops and heavy equipment continue to move into the strike zone. >> we're in the triage and attack phase now of the storm. >> reporter: the tattered road to recovery littered with debris and the splintered and twisted remnants of so many lives before the storm. >> every single person on this block has lost. >> reporter: there are chances for hope. charging stations provide a lifeline. the subway in new y
not washington catching them. you still have to like the giants situation in their division. tony, thanks very much. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, take us through some of today's most important injuries. >> bob, running back darren mcfadden of the raiders has had several injuries over the course of his career and has another one and suffered ankle injury on sunday in the loss to the buccaneers and his status is reportedly week-to-week. the green bay packers linebacker clay moouts left today's game with a hamstring injury. also receiver jordy nelson came into the game with a hamstring injury and left early with a sprained ankle. for the steelers, receiver antonio brown left the game with an ankle injury and afterward said it's high ankle sprain. i'm told it's not and he can play next monday night against the kansas city chiefs. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii had x-rays after today's loss to the panthers on his ribs. x-rays are negative. he says he is fine but i'm told he is very, very sore. >> mike, thanks. folks, a reminder tune into the all-new pro football talk
of days. out there right now, 45 in winchester, 43 right now in monassis and 43 towards washington. a very cool evening and we're going to be even cooler when we wake up tomorrow morning. i'll let you know if there's any changes in the forecast. we have a big weekend where we can clean up. >> tonight, police have increased the reward money and they've released a sketch of a suspected killerment they're hoping to track down a man who murdered a woman while she was walking her dog in waldorf. shomari stone with the latest. >> reporter: jim, people who live near hampshire circle tell me they are on edge. that couple was walking right behind me on this trail when all of the sudden, people tell me that the man shown in this composite sketch right here, he's in his 20s. they say that he opened fire. with children and families out trick-or-treating, county sheriff's deputies are on alert in waldorf, maryland friday night. >> we don't have to be so scared. >> it was pretty cool to see them out in full force. >> despite a detailed description, police are still searching for clues and answers. >> th
>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, at 11:00, president obama back in d.c. after his reelection victory. the campaign is over, but the race to repair the economy still lies ahead. >> but, first, a one-two punch from mother nature. snow and wind hammer the northeast just nine days after super-storm sandy devastated the region. another storm slams the northeast, this one won't pack the same punch as that last one. >> it is impacting the area still reeling from sandy. looking live in waterbury, connecticut, at least six inches of snow. it's making a mess of the roads there. jay grey with a similar scene in new jersey. >> reporter: ten days after sandy and the sea is raging again. high winds and heavy rains are battering the northeast already. flood watt others are rising. >> it's very sad. it's very sad to see it's getting pounded again. >> reporter: and this time, there's also snow. >> i don't believe it's like snowing here. >> reporter: a thick blank et covering roadways and cancelling flights and now settling over the
. and this is what i'm talking about. 64 right now in washington. 46 in cumberland. that's just the sign of the cooler air. look at 46 in winchester, too. here's that line of showers moving on through the region. that is some heavy rain and strong winds coming through parts of the area. some shower activity out ahead of this down through laurel, down through university of maryland. but other than that, this is where we're seeing the strongest stuff. this is right on your doorstep. this will come through rockville within the next 20 minutes to half an hour. you'll notice the rain and winds picking up. now, this is already through you but this is in over towards sterling and down towards the south. still making its way through the rest of the area. behind it, we're still going to be dealing with the rain. but the strongest winds will be with that line. but here's the cold front. still back to the west. we still have a lot more rain to go overnight tonight. and right on in through tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's rush hour could be problematic. take a look at this. can you see where
at the tomb of the unknown soldier at 11:00 a.m. at mt. vernon, a wreath will be placed at george washington's tomb to honor the country's first commander in chief. there will also be a patriotic concert performed by a veteran barber shop quartet at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there will be a special veterans day tribute at the vietnam veterans memorial at 1:00 p.m. and a similar service will take place at the same time tomorrow at the navy memorial. >>> a high-profile resignation of another kind. this time across the pond. what led the top executive at the bbc to step down. >>> the vatican's response to several states' recent appval of marriage equality this week. >>> and the pint-sized bandit caught on camera swiping cash >>> the bbc's top executive resigned today over a scandal involving news reports about child sexual abuse. "news night," the press teenls news magazine, wrongly implicated the british politician in a sex abuse scandal earlier this month. last year the network decided not to run a report about allegations against one of its most popular hosts, b director george entwistle. he
>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now, at 11:00, a taxi cab engulfed in flames. the driver dead inside. police say it was cold-blooded murder. >> david petreus steps down admitting to an extramarital affair. why the f.b.i. is now investigating. >> the countdown to inauguration day. we'll report how hotels and restaurants are cashing in on the historic moment that is still months away. >> tonight, the talk of the town is the bomb shell announcement from langly. >> c.i.a. director resigned today after addmitting to an extramarital affair. >> reporter: he was a four-star, the best known warrior of his generation. leader of combat forces in iraq and afghanistan before his commander in chief asked him to retire from the military and leave the c.i.a. >> i have no doubt t director will guide our intelligence professionals as they continue to adapt and innovate. >> today, david petraus identified the c.i.a.'s work force. >> reporter: a ph.d. from princeton and father of two. >> as you noted, mr. chairman, my wife, holly, is h
? >> it is really cold. we're starting to see clouds move in. but already down to 38 degrees in washington. 25 right now in elkins, west virginia. 30 in pittsburgh and the numbers will continue to go down through the early morning tomorrow. one again, we'll be looking at a possible coastal storm. much more on the numbers as far as the tempetures go overnight tonight and we'll talk about that coastal storm and let you know what effects it could have as we move toward the all important holiday week next week for thanksgiving. we'll talk about that in a minute. >> investigators want to know if a teenager accused in two high-profile murder may be involved in other crimes. 17-year-old joshua nevin is charged with killing a woman in waldorf, shooting and wounding her husband and killing a taxi driver in d.c. investigators are still searching for a motive. but police say the suspect lived a few blocks away from the crime scene in maryland. >> i just think it's appalling that somebody went out for a walk with their dog and their husband and they died. she was lovely. she was a wonderful lady. >> several day
. >> you better bundle up big time. take a look at the numbers already. 39 in washington. a very cold night. by far the coldest night we have seen so far this year. that's why we have freeze warnings in effect all across the area. most of northern virginia, too. it's going to be a very cold morning. and yes the pattern is still set for a coastal storm. but the newest data is just in. how will the storm affect you. i'll show you in my forecast. >> thanks. coming up next, a student pilot with a really interesting landing. we'll show you how this went down. >> some speeding fines have been >> some speeding fines have been slashed in the in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the
washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, at 11:00, the long road to recovery. millions still without power. gas lines growing longer every hour. and, now, the threat of another storm for the east coast. >> plus, a new clue as police continue to look for the man responsible for a sexual assault on a popular trail. >> one-on-one with the ex-wife of the beltway sniper. >> they don't consider me and our children to be victims. >> why some people blame her for the shooting spree that left 10 dead. >> more reaction tonight to the mayor's decision to cancel this weekend's new york city marathon. mayor bloomburg says he will not allow controversy over that event to impede recovery from sandy. >> jay grey has the latest now from atlantic city. >> reporter: four days later and, still, the fury of sandy is too much for some to bare. flood waters carried a boat into ester larubio's home. >> we need help here, we truly do. >> reporter: many simply aren't going anywhere. in some cases, pushing patience and emotions over the edge. but the difficulties, like the directi direc
to radiator fluid and formaldehyde. fearry thinks his food network fame made him an easy target. "washington post" critic gave us his take. >> i don't think this would happen to a regular citizen chef in new york. this guy happens to be a big food network star, a big target. in pete well's defense, he did go to the restaurant four times. >> this could very well be the author's hope. >>> tonight frustration building over a record setting land purchase in one of the area's wealthiest communities. >> it cost taxpayers millions but the land remains undeveloped and proposed athletic fields are nowhere in sight. iteam reports on the fight over solano park. >> reporter: youth sports is serious business in northern virginia. with schools busting at the seams, space is tight when it comes to field space. which is why a battle is brewing off field over one of the last undeveloped patches of land in mcclain. in 2005, fair fox county bought an easement for this property. the price tag? $16 million. the most expensive land purchase in county historhistory. >> stated by the county executive this deal woul
night it is. by november standard. 53 now. at midnight in washington. 46 in leesburg. 58, hagerstown. within a few degrees of the high temperature. no ran to worry about. rain drops, closest t us, central and eastern indiana. and kentucky. they're making a slow but steady marchen our direction. totals stay mild monday. cold air is coming. the rain drops, some of which could be heavy at times. coming in our direction. talk about that and jim, i will show you some of the most amazing temperature drops, that tie could find. approaching cold front. get ready for big changes. >> i am scared now. thank you, chuck, see you in a bit. tomorrow is two week since sandy came crashing ashored ing ing . crews working round the:00 to restore purr to new york and new jersey. mean while, working to find housing for thousand of displaced residents. 4,000 people are still in shelters tonight. fema has already approved more than $450 million in assistance and expects the number to climb. >>> meanwhile, american red cross says it received 117 million in donations to help victims of sandy. the agency als
are doing what we that you. prescribe is projected to be the winner in, of course, california and washington state. and, of course, his home state down here in little old hawaii, beautiful hawaii down there. oregon, where you would think would, all kind of over here in the blue area, is still too early to call but the president is leading there. they also have an interesting legalizing marijuana issue in oregon on a local ballot. here's what the electoral vote stands. key states still too close to call. florida and virginia, florida, miami-dade down south which tends to be a little bit slow in reporting. they're still waiting. and, of course, virginia, the story all night. long lines wrapping up about now and they'll be counting for a while. if the president wins ohio, that may be the clincher. jim and doreen, back to you! >> thank you, wendy. >> no final results from states considered crucial to the success of both presidential campaigns. virginia is one of them. >> steve handelsman has the report. >> reporter: lines of voters waiting to cast ballots. hours after the polls closed in battleg
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